Inner Awakening

Advanced Teacher Training


Have you ever felt like your yoga teacher knew exactly what you needed to hear and was talking directly to you?

Have you ever considered why some yoga classes are ok while others seem to bring you to tears?

Have you ever left a yoga class feeling like your body and mind are totally refreshed, as if the teacher knew exactly what poses your body needed?

You can be that teacher....

Join Sue Jones and Alex Amorosi for a profound journey into the core of who you are.  The 5 Day Inner Awakening Advanced Training will set you on the path toward recognizing the infinite wisdom that resides in your own heart—and learning how to effectively communicate that wisdom to others.  Through a divine week of practice teaching, on the spot feedback, self-inquiry, peer to peer coaching, and of course swimming, sunning and amazing healthy food—you will bring your teaching to a level that will not only inspire and move the students in your classes but transform your life as well.


"If you are a teacher I can't recommend this enough. If you have ever taken a yoga class and left feeling like you were the only person in the room, and that teacher was talking directly to you, this is the workshop to take. Sue and Alex are an amazing team. "
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